Creating a vision for the future

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 3

I awake at 10am on Saturday feeling grateful and joyful for the warm day. I live in a cozy home that I can easily afford. My home is surrounded by nature, preferably near a beach.

I write in my dream journal to help me gain spiritual insights and my gratitude journal to help me find what I enjoy most daily. I brush my teeth and light some incense in my bedroom. I pet my adorable cats and make sure they are fed for the day. I go into my bedroom and meditate to help strengthen my intuition. I feel calm and energized after meditating. I write in my meditation journal. I drink a protein smoothie.

I then go on my laptop on my couch or in nature and check my blog (new scheduled content posted on Saturdays) and email or what relates to my spiritual freedom business (membership site, client q&a’s etc…) and complete my most important actions for the day.

I take a shower and wear clothes I feel good in. I eat vegan pizza for lunch. I then spend time in nature. I go shopping online in my favorite stores. I then view my bucket list of things that I enjoy doing and choose one of them. Maybe a walk at the beach, go to a museum, a tour, painting, color, go to a metaphysical shop etc… I have a lot of free time to do what I enjoy and fulfills my soul.

In the evening at 5pm I like to exercise and shower. I like feeling toned and being a healthy weight. I feel really energized and drink a protein smoothie. I eat dinner at 7pm and get cozy at home. I go online, read an inspiring book to help improve my skills or watch an inspiring movie.

I write in my daily planner and gratitude journal. In my daily planner I note that on Sundays I take time to write content for my blog, look at the monthly content calendar where my monthly blog themes and topics are listed and view any product ideas or launches, online events or webinars I attend to help me improve my intuition for the month. I like to be organized and make sure it is recent. I sleep peacefully at 11pm at night.

I Feel: Grateful, Abundant, Calm, Energized, Safe, Joyful



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