Unlocking your superpowers

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 4

What are my superpowers? What do i enjoy doing? What am I good at or can practice to become good at?

As I have learned, practice is what makes a strength in the first place. Without practice, it wouldn’t be a strength. Without motivation, inspiration and enjoyment of doing it there isn’t going to be practice.

This is very challenging for me to think about. I have asked the question and thought of a few things. Thinking about my childhood and what I enjoyed doing was a challenge. I feel like I can meditate and it can take some time for me to answer these questions.

I did go online and search list of skills, hobbies and values and did choose a few that I felt good about.

Like i said, a few things did pop into my mind. I did make a list and can keep adding to it.

I always wanted to give advice and help others. This helps me to feel good and like I am making a difference in their life. I also am interested and was always interested in the paranormal. It just feels mysterious and kind of exciting at the same time. You can say I was sensitive as a child. I did hear spirits and had a spirit friend as a child (even though I don’t remember having a spirit friend) I also have been learning about soul senses and intuition and have been strengthening them.

I also think simplifying things and making them easy is something that sounds interesting.

I also remember wanting to be a writer at one point in my life. If you have a blog you are a publisher! So it is important to practice writing and read books to strengthen this skill.

I really want to do something that I honestly enjoy in my freedom business so that is why I have been really thinking about what fulfills my soul and asking questions.

Discovering what you enjoy doing is really a journey of discovery that has no timeline.



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