Beating procrastination and overwhelm

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 7

I choose to meditate daily as a ritual that calms my soul. Meditation can help me release resistance and become a positive thinker. I feel more energized and calm after 30 days of meditating. When beginning to meditate it is important to start with 10-15 minutes day and then as time goes by you can start to meditate for 25-30 minutes a day. Meditating for atlas 15 minutes a day can help you feel like this is something that you can do daily and it doesn’t take too much time at all. This can help keep you motivated to meditate everyday.

In the life I envision I am a calm and peaceful person, so meditation is very important to my spiritual life. As I have learned, it is all about enjoying the journey, there is no destination. Having more time in your life to do what fulfills your soul is enjoying the journey. This is why having a freedom business that is aligned with what you enjoy is also really important.

I am getting into the habit of blogging so I can also write 200+ words daily. This can help improve my writing skills and write content for my blog. Reading a book that can help me is also a good idea. I feel confident and good about the content I write after 30 days of daily wiriting. Then new content is always going to be published on my blog which is very important to having a freedom business that I enjoy.

I can also journal everyday for energetic release. There are so many types of journals that you can keep and there are no rules just have fun and write. You can keep a gratitude journal, meditation journal, dream journal, expression journal to write how you feel for energetic release (you can write anxieties and rip them and put the paper in water, this is a good way to let go), manifestation journal to write everything you want to accomplish in your life or what you wish to accomplish that day. Asking questions and answering them in your journal can help give you new ideas of what to write about.

I recommend keeping a daily planner that can help you keep yourself organized. This is going to help you be clear on what your most important daily actions for your personal and business life are. When you are clear on what these actions are for each day, take action!


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