Celebrating Freedom!

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 10

  • What you enjoyed most about your experience of taking part in the blog challenge:

I enjoyed being able to honestly express myself and getting clear on my why.

  • Your favorite challenge day and why:

I really enjoyed creating the perfect day challenge so that is my favorite. I got to get clear on what lifestyle I enjoy living and that was fun!

  • The biggest takeaway you’ve had from it:

Daily success plan where I get clear on my most important actions everyday and make them a priority.

I got clear on what’s holding me back from living the life I love. Mostly limiting beliefs.

I got clear on my why: Living a life that fulfills my soul by doing what I honestly enjoy while making a positive impact.

I got clear on what a prefect day looks like for me.

I got clear on what I enjoy doing and what I can do to become good at it through practice.

I got clear on a daily success plan that can help me be successful.

I got clear on what supportive tribes are going to support me.

I got clear on what imperfect action(s) I can do daily to get me closer to my freedom lifestyle.

I got to choose an adventure that I enjoyed doing.

I got clear on how to balance my adventure and work while on holiday.

  • The next step you’re going to take to make your freedom plan a reality:

I am going to create an editorial calendar and start writing an ebook for my freedom plan. Taking imperfect action everyday!


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