Creating a vision for the future

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 3

I awake at 10am on Saturday feeling grateful and joyful for the warm day. I live in a cozy home that I can easily afford. My home is surrounded by nature, preferably near a beach.

I write in my dream journal to help me gain spiritual insights and my gratitude journal to help me find what I enjoy most daily. I brush my teeth and light some incense in my bedroom. I pet my adorable cats and make sure they are fed for the day. I go into my bedroom and meditate to help strengthen my intuition. I feel calm and energized after meditating. I write in my meditation journal. I drink a protein smoothie.

I then go on my laptop on my couch or in nature and check my blog (new scheduled content posted on Saturdays) and email or what relates to my spiritual freedom business (membership site, client q&a’s etc…) and complete my most important actions for the day.

I take a shower and wear clothes I feel good in. I eat vegan pizza for lunch. I then spend time in nature. I go shopping online in my favorite stores. I then view my bucket list of things that I enjoy doing and choose one of them. Maybe a walk at the beach, go to a museum, a tour, painting, color, go to a metaphysical shop etc… I have a lot of free time to do what I enjoy and fulfills my soul.

In the evening at 5pm I like to exercise and shower. I like feeling toned and being a healthy weight. I feel really energized and drink a protein smoothie. I eat dinner at 7pm and get cozy at home. I go online, read an inspiring book to help improve my skills or watch an inspiring movie.

I write in my daily planner and gratitude journal. In my daily planner I note that on Sundays I take time to write content for my blog, look at the monthly content calendar where my monthly blog themes and topics are listed and view any product ideas or launches, online events or webinars I attend to help me improve my intuition for the month. I like to be organized and make sure it is recent. I sleep peacefully at 11pm at night.

I Feel: Grateful, Abundant, Calm, Energized, Safe, Joyful



Discovering your why

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 2

Why do I want to live the freedom lifestyle?

Living a freedom lifestyle where you have a lot of time and money to do what you enjoy is very important. This can help energize you and keep your soul fulfilled. It can give everyone an abundant life that helps them live a life aligned with their soul mission and purpose while making a positive impact.

I have realized that sitting at a desk from 9-5 doing the same repeated tasks everyday can drain my energy and become very boring. Honestly most of us do this for the money and because they think it’s the only way to make money. Most of us live life without a mission or knowing what honestly fulfills our soul. Yes this is a limited thinking mindset. This is how most of our society thinks. It is a very limited mindset to be honest. This is how I thought too and went to a job I didn’t enjoy doing for the money and it didn’t end well. Sitting at a desk from 9-5 doing repetitive tasks for the money and not because you really honestly enjoy it or because it fulfills your soul is not making a positive impact.

Life is supposed to be fun, as I have learned. Then there needs to be a balance between time and money. As I have learned, prioritizing your enjoyment is how to live a fun life that fulfills your soul.

When I heard of the freedom lifestyle I thought it’s an amazing way of living. If they can do it, I can do it too. So i’m glad someone has accomplished it. Having enough time and money to do what you enjoy doing aligned with your soul purpose and what really honestly fulfills your soul while making a positive impact in the world. A freedom business is the solution.

I want to live a life where 90% of our time and energy isn’t required to be traded for money doing something that doesn’t really fulfill your soul.

I really would of liked to be able to discover what really fulfills my soul aligned with my soul purpose at a young age so that I can have a clear mission for my life and live a life that I honestly enjoy, instead of going right into college and choosing what you think you might be interested in doing or what you think you might enjoy doing and thinking that your self worth comes from a degree (which is not true).

I lived my life without having a clear mission and knowing what honestly fulfills my soul. There are a lot of us who live life like this. I really didn’t think of it as a priority. I made choices based on what I think i might enjoy and really didn’t enjoy it. This has lead me to a life that I don’t enjoy.

I would honestly rather have gone to a meditation retreat or do an activity or take an online course that helps me find what I am am really interested in doing with my life that is aligned with my soul purpose and fulfills my soul while making a positive impact. This is what I think our society needs to do before going to college without questioning your life mission what honestly fulfills your soul.

Asking yourself and being honest: Is doing this or going there really going to fulfill my soul and help me enjoy life? Asking questions and following your intuition to help you live an abundant life that you enjoy and having a positive mindset is really important. Trusting yourself with the choices you make. Choices that honestly fulfills your soul. Instead of making choices based on what others want for you or think you should do with your life.

Being clear on your mission in life and what really honestly fulfills your soul at a young age is a blessing! This is what I wish happened for myself at a young age and I want that for everyone. Also, to trust themselves by listening to their intuition and making choices on what fulfills their soul at a young age is a blessing!

Feeling proud about what you have accomplished in life and knowing that you accomplished it because you listened to your intuition when making choices and believed in yourself to live a life that honestly fulfills your soul is a blessing!

A freedom business can really help keep you feeling energized and fulfilled by doing what you enjoy aligned with your soul purpose and mission.

I choose to live the freedom lifestyle because it helps me live a life aligned with my soul mission and helps keep my soul fulfilled. This is being honest with yourself and gives you a life that you can live aligned with your soul purpose and fulfillment.

How to make a positive impact in the world while living this lifestyle?

Everyone is capable of making a positive impact. By doing random acts of kindness, you are making a positive impact. They can start a non profit organization that they are interested in. They can choose charities they support and donate money frequently to help make a positive impact. Maybe check the non profit’s events and volunteer if you feel inspired to. Help to promote a non profit you support by sharing them to those who support you online.  Ask yourself “How can I make a positive impact?” and wait for an answer that can help you make a positive impact.



Finding your focus

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 1 

What is holding me back from living my ideal lifestyle?

Not being motivated or inspired.

Not being clear on my mission and vision and having no idea what that is.

Limiting beliefs that stop me from taking action. Relating to fear and self esteem.

Not feeling confident that I can live a lifestyle that I love.

Not feeling confident in what you do. I know confidence comes with practice so being able to commit is important and this means staying motivated.

Not feeling confident that you cant let go of these limiting beliefs that won’t help you live a life you enjoy.

Not taking action and feeling uninspired.

Not trusting yourself.

Not being committed to the habits that help with your freedom lifestyle because you feel unmotivated and uninspired.

Not being surrounded by others who support your lifestyle and want you to make choices that seem to be what everyone else in our society is doing.

Feeling like I’m unsure of what really brings me joy and if I am meant to be doing this.

Feeling like when you find something you enjoy doing, if you are really meant to be doing it.

Feeling like God put you on earth because he wants you to do something with your life and you look up to him and trust that he will provide you with answers to what he wants you to do with your life. This can be like feeling that someone else is in charge of your life.

Not being able to defend and stand up for myself and believe in myself and commit to my ideal lifestyle.

Living life by default and doing what others want you to do because you don’t have a clear vision of what you want to do with your life.

Choosing to do what you think you might enjoy instead of going within and discovering your what you really honestly enjoy.

Being unsure of what you honestly enjoyed doing as a child that can help bring you closer to your life purpose and what fulfills your soul.

Not being proud of what you accomplished in your life and what has become your life so far and thinking it’s too late.

Wishing your life went completely different than it has and you lived it by making choices that bring you joy and that align to your souls mission.

Wishing you trusted yourself more and where clear on what brings you joy and your mission for life.

Being judged by others for the choices you make and interests you have.

Getting distracted and not getting tasks completed.

Victim mentality and feeling powerless. Like you can’t do nothing about it.

Why do I think these are holding me back? I think maybe not having enough self confidence to stand up for myself and motivation be committed to a lifestyle I choose. Not being clear on what my mission is and in what I enjoy doing that is aligned with my soul which can lead to a lifestyle I won’t enjoy. Maybe not trusting myself enough and not putting myself as the person who makes the choices in my life instead of thinking that some “higher power” is going to make the choices for me. Also having a lot of limiting beliefs of fear, guilt and shame (a lot of these beliefs of fear, guilt and shame came from childhood and also religion) that prevent me from taking action to living a lifestyle that I love.